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Chasing Legends: The Key of Stone [PG]

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Ho-kay folks, sorry for the multiple cross-postings but I just finished this thing after almost a year long writer's block in fiction. I'm sure you understand my overeagerness to get this thing posted. Let it be said that I normally write smut or 20 page academic articles so give me a break as I'm rusty. This will ideally pan out to be a series if inspiration sticks, but I make no promises.

Title: Chasing Legends: The Key of Stone
Rating: PG for mildly sexual situations and some swearing
Spoilers: Ha! Hahahahah! Um, let's see, I'd say about half-way through Revenant Wings to be safe.
Word Count: 4293

Fake cut to the beginning.

And may there be an end.

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