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 Hey all I just joined this community, I wanted to let you all know that I have my own community as well.  Here's the link
I hope it'll go over well, Fran and Balthier deserve thier fans :).


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Does anyone know where I can find any Balthier images from Revenant Wings? I really want some but can only find the ones on IGN.
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Hey ya'll! Here's my latest Bal/Fran music video. Garuntee ya'll are gonna love it.



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Hello, loves. As a way of saying "Hey, I'm new here!" I come bearing two gifts:

1. Fic! I claimed Balthier x The Nihopalaoa over at 1sentence and just posted the end result yesterday. "Ho'ohuli", a story of Balthier and his most prized possession, as told in 50 sentences.

2. Icons! Twelve new icons, nine of which are of Balthier. Everyone loves a teaser:


There are seven more over here.

Enjoy! ♥
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Title: Something More Valuable
Autor: football_girl
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Balthier/Ashe
Rating: PG-13
Word Cout: 5,885
Warnings: Spoilers from the game – there is a snippet straight from the game, but it’s in the beginning stages (after the Dawn Shard hunt). NO spoilers from following events or the end of the game. Some sexually-charged scenes.

Summary: ~Missing scene.~ “I’ll give it back to you when I find something more valuable.” That same night, Balthier comes knowing that he found something more valuable than any treasures Ashe can give. And while Ashe thinks she knows exactly what she wants, what she will not stand for, and with whom her heart lies, Balthier is confident he can convince her otherwise. Now she has to choose between her responsibilities to her country, and responsibilities to her heart.

A/N: I would like to dedicate this fic to the wonderful lamia87, who made me this amazing icon while I was writing this. I would also like to dedicate this to katmillia, who also made me an amazing icon, which I’m going to use in my next fic.

Something More Valuable
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Hello all,

I wrote a four-part fanfic over Christmas break, and I'm interested to hear what people think - mostly so that I can psych myself into writing more.
So, if you're so inclined, plz read and comment kthx. ;D

Story Name: As yet untitled (Playing with the titles "Above Love" and "With How Sad Steps") 1/4
Rating: G - nothing but Balthier's sly innuendos
Other characters/pairings: Main character is entirely new!
Warnings: Although it takes place after the game, none to speak of
Plotbunny: How does a woman begin a life of piracy (and not find herself in Balthier's bed?)

( Chapter 1 )

(x-posted to balthier_ashe)
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[14] Neon Genesis Evangelion
[3] Aeris (FFVII)
[16] FFXII (+Revenant Wings & 1 FFT)

TOTAL = 33

Comments are loved! Credit is great! (to either scout or neongraphics works) Hotlinking sucks! These icons are NOT intended to be used as bases, but if you really want to use them for that reason, let me know first. :)


( fake cut! )

Please friend neongraphics if you like what you see! ♥
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Hi! Long time lurker here *waves* I come with one drawing ^^ Enjoy!


Comments are welcome ^^

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I think I can post this here... *peers around the corner*

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Title: Diamond in the Rough
Author/Artist: Cheza-chan
Character(s): Balthier-centric; Balthier/Vaan-ish; entire party
Rating: PG-15?
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XII no mine; Cheza uber sad... *emo tear*
Summary/Notes: My first FFXII fic! Treat it well~ It takes place in the Paramina Rift. Our merry band of travelers are on their way to see the Gran Kiltias at Mt. Bur-Omisace. As they take a break, Balthier takes a bit of time to reflect on a certain blond-haired thief, but not too much, though~

( Too many skull warriors! )
x-posted a few places; fake cut back to my eljay
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Title: The Death of Balthier the Deathless
Characters: Balthier, Fran
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7000
Summary: Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will / To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
Warning(s): The title is your warning.
Notes: See end.

( fake cut to ficjournal )

[x-posted to ffxii_fic]
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